What is Spinsnap.com?

Spinsnap.com is a new concept we like to call a Discovery Engine. Think of this as Channel Surfing on the internet. Your remote control is the "Spin Again" button and your couch is your Office Chair. A couple minutes a day using Spinsnap.com has been known to promote healthier looking skin, a brighter smile and heightened sense of well being. Use wisely and enjoy...

Spinsnap.com is pretty cool. But the spin results are all over the place. Is there anyway I can dig down a bit?

Yes! Click the Wheel Icon next to the category name (on the spin result tool bar). This will display a list of categories. Just click one

Is Spinsnap.com free?

Yes Spinsnap.com is a completely free service. Ad Supported.

I just found a site I think would be great to include in SpinSnap.com. How do I suggest a site?

Yes follow this URL http://www.spinsnap.com/submitasite.php

I own/run/represent a website. I would like to be included in SpinSnap.com. How can I be included?

Tell us about your website here http://www.spinsnap.com/submitasite.php

I like one of the sites I found on SpinSnap.com, how can I get rid of SpinSnap and go directly to the site?

That's an easy one. Just X out like you would on any "Microsoft Office" product. The X is located in the top right corner of the spin results page. SpinSnap.com will dissapear, leaving you with the website of your choice. Just don't forget to come back!

I want to tell my friends about SpinSnap.com. Do you have handy tool for me?

Of course! Just click the Share Button on the spin results page. Studies have found that people who tell their friends about SpinSnap.com, do better in school, are more attractive to the oppisite sex, make more money and generally smile more...

I want to advertise on SpinSnap.com, who do I talk to?

Sweet! Shoot us an email through the contact us form. We promise we will get back to you ASAP.

What is the best screen resolution to view SpinSnap.com in?

SpinSnap.com is set up to produce the most pleasure when viewed at 1024 by 768.

How do I upload a picture for my avatar?

Click on the Profile Tab on your profile. Click "the basics" on the left side then click "Edit the basics". Next click "select file" and choose your photo

How do I edit the interests I picked when I first signed up?

Click the Profile tab on your profile. Click "The Basics" on the left side. Click "Edit the Basics". Scroll to the bottom to find the "Interests" section. Click "Edit Interests", make your changes and click "save". After that click the SAVE button on same page

What is "This is me"?

"This is me" is where you can tell the world what you are interested in or promote your business or your art. To get started click "This is me" on the left side of your profile page. Click "Add Content" and post something to share. Also if you post a URL it will be picked up in search engines as a back link.

How do I delete my account?

Log into your SpinSnap.com Profile, Click "The Basics" on the left side, Click "Edit The Basics", scroll to the bottom and click "Delete Account"

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