About SpinSnap Some information about us

Some information about us

SpinSnap.com is a new concept we like to call a Discovery Engine. Think of this as Channel Surfing on the internet. A couple minutes a day using SpinSnap.com has been known to promote healthier looking skin, a brighter smile and heightened sense of well being. Use wisely and enjoy.

SpinSnap.com was born out of pure boredom.Well, OK, not pure boredom, but some boredom and a yearning for something new. At SpinSnap.com we got tired of searching and clicking through endless links in search results.The truth of the matter is that only the top 3-5 websites for each search are really worth anything. Everything else is only marginally relevant. At the end of the day, we should be a little further beyond "begging" a search engine to show us the top 3 Golf Websites?

We built SpinSnap.com because we wanted to be able to sit back and let the internet come to us! There are probably more websites that exist today then the entire population of US Citizens combined. Do you really want to click through all those links?
Today the Internet is filled with endless opportunities to SEARCH. Seek and destroy if you will. Find exactly what you are looking for. The Internet is the worlds reference library. Now that is all fine and good.
But, do you ever get that weird feeling that you have reached the End of the Internet?Almost as if there should be a sign that says "please turn back you have come to the end"? You have gone through your top 10 "favorites" and yet you are left yearning for more and have the feeling of being completely unsatisfied. (We have been there too, do not feel bad)
Ok, so you have an internet connection, some time to kill, your mind is completely blank (that blank mind thing is really important, it makes the whole experience more fun) and you have an itchy kind of free wheeling spirit... Good!
Enter SpinSnap.com. Click the button, Spin the engine and see what the World Wide Web has to show you. If you do not like the spin Results? No problem, spin again!