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I’m going to bring to you a list of some common mistakes when designing an application which prevent your advance. Those simple stupid mistakes and overlooked components can be a huge detriment to your application and can send your users to your competitors’ app. Be vigilant!

There are striking similarities between the symptoms of hypothyroidism and those listed for chronic fatigue syndrome. The two conditions overlap, as both are associated with what is essentially a functional breakdown in the body’s ability to generate energy at a basic cell level. Read on to find out the link between chronic fatigue syndrome and hypothyroidism. #ChronicFatigueSyndrome,

Here you can read the Magnus Chase series online for free. Both books are in pdf format for you to download, print or share.

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Finally, I’m publishing this post! It’s one that I has been sitting in my “drafts” folder for months that I keep meaning to finish. Because after blogging about cooking for five years, and living (and occasionally blogging about being) single for even longer than that, let’s just say that I have plenty experience and tips to share on the topic at hand:

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